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The Era Of Plastic Free Living

 March 16,2022 , 01:57 PM
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"Cochin Plastics are widely contributing to the growth of the plastic industry in India by distributing acrylic sheets, multi wood, ACP sheet, flex, etc. Our highlight is to provide quality materials, prompt service, and at affordable prices."
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            Plastic is an integral part of everyday life. So plastic free life is a big change .To make a difference , you need to build a habit of living less plastic . Habits do not change overnight in a day or a week. In some cases, trying to avoid it may not work.

            We use most of plastics is  in our kitchens .Everybody carries carry bags every time they go shopping. But our everyday items are  kept in  plastic bags in stores . We can avoid it, if we have patience.  In the past, people used to take Oil in glass bottles and groceries in steel vessels  from home and buy things. Let us follow the same pattern. It  has been started in many shops. Small bags made of jute i.e. small shapes of bags and bags made of paper can be used for this purpose That's a good start. There will be some difficulties at first. Will slowly recover . Similarly in ever area we can slowly get rid of plastics .

 Life without plastic is possible . But it is very hard to follow.