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Polystyrene: A Lightweight Plastic

 February 09,2021 , 09:29 AM
Short Description   :
"A type of versatile plastic that can be used to make a huge variety of consumer products"
Detailed Description   :

A type of versatile plastic that can be used to make a huge variety of consumer products. It is a hard kind of plastic that gives clarity to the packaging. Polystyrene when combined with any other plastics or other additives, it can be used to make several other things like electronics, appliances, automobiles, etc. it can also be made into a foam material known as expanded polystyrene, very well known for its insulating and cushioning properties. This foam polystyrene is about 90% of the air and is lightweight. It can be used in food packaging, automobile parts, surfboards, and so on.



Styrene can naturally occur too. It is found in foods like coffee, strawberry, and beef. It is a highly useful type of plastic. It is used in several areas and they are:

Automotive and appliances: the foam polystyrene is used in making many car parts like sound dampening foam, knobs, etc, and also used in child protective seats. On coming to the appliances, air conditioners, ovens, refrigerators, blenders, etc are often made with polystyrene both solid and foam. It is because they don't react with any other materials, and are long-lasting.

Electronics: commonly used in housing like the parts of television, IT equipment. Food: it is used in packaging food that could keep it better and fresh for a longer time. Medical: used in a wide range of medical applications like test tubes, diagnostic components, medical devices, test kits, etc.

It is also widely used in the packaging of consumer goods like DVD, CD, meat, and poultry

packaging, food, and other items for shipping safely. Hence it provides protection against spoilage or damage of the products inside, polystyrene is widely preferred.

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